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Berlin Massage Salons & Masseuses


In order to appreciate Berlin, you'll need to brush up on its politics. Just over a decade ago, the city's mayor declared it "poor but sexy", yet recent years have seen it grow invigorated by tech startups and a boom of young tourists, both flocking here for two things: affordability and freedom of expression, stoked by a complex past full of restrictions and regime.
Be inquisitive about its eclectic population that everyone seems to be transplanted from elsewhere, and most have a fascinating story.
If you are dining with locals, don't assume Germans only eat meat: Berlin is practically the vegan capital of Europe, and is even home to the world's first meat-free butcher. Berliners also really know how to throw excellent dinner parties, so just make sure you arrive on time, bring a bottle (or two) of sekt and pfeffi, and be prepared to emerge at dawn.

Whether you're out drinking and laughing in the bars, dancing Charleston, swaying to jazz, or raving at a techno club - plan to get there late, get home late, and wake up late the next day.
It's very common to go out clubbing until at least 6am, and then sit for coffee, watch the sun rise over the city, and take the first bus home. If you really want to feel the pulse of Berlin, this is the way to do it.


There are also plenty of erotic massage parlours , tantra massage salons and erotic massage salons in Berlin, offering a full range of massage services which improves blood circulation, relaxes stiff muscles and stimulates libido.
Every masseuse is unique and has her own style of massage, from massaging your whole body - feet, back, neck and hands.
They uses different techniques including body2body when she massages you with her whole body including her breast and bottom. Because it's an erotic massage, your masseuse will spend enough time massaging your intimate parts.

Please note:
Not all masseuses provide sexual service, and you should ask them beforehand if kissing, oral sex or intercourse is included in the massage. It is possible sometimes to pay extra for these services. Any suggestion or proposals of sex may offend the masseuse and she may discontinue the massage, if this is not discussed beforehand when booking your appointment.



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